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美国Fann Fann 209570 500ml高温高压失水仪 HPHT压滤机配件 美国Fann 美国Fann


产品名美国Fann,Fann 209570,500ml高温高压失水仪,HPHT压滤机配件 面向地区全国 材质其它


  美国Fann 209570 HPHT压滤机配件500ml高温高压失水仪样品杯

  This Rheometer Cup Heater is intended for controlling temperature of a drilling fluid sample while taking readings with a Rheometer or Viscometer. The low thermal conductivity of a drilling fluid requires that it be agitated while heating in order to reach a uniform temperature in a reasonable length of time.


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  82651450 500ml高温高压失水仪样品杯 Fann 209570

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  Safe operation of the Cup Heater requires the operator understand and practice the correct assembly and operation of the equipment. Improper assembly, operation, or the use of defective parts could result in serious injury and damage. Do not immerse the Cup Heater in water for cleaning. Immersing the unit in water could cause electrical problems, damage to the equipment and possible serious injury. Cup Heaters are electrically heated, and as with any electrical device if the wiring is allowed to become faulty, electrical shorts can occur causing damage to the instrument and possible injury to the operator. These instruments should always be used on a grounded circuit.


  Fann Instrument Company warrants only title to the equipment, products and materials supplied and that the same are free from defects in workmanship and materials for one year from date of delivery. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR OTHERWISE BEYOND THOSE STATED IN THE IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING SENTENCE. Fann's sole liability and Customer's exclusive remedy in any cause of action (whether in contract, tort, breach of warranty or otherwise) arising out of the sale, lease or use of any equipment, products or materials is expressly limited to the replacement of such on their return to Fann or, at Fann's option, to the allowance to Customer of credit for the cost of such items. In no event shall Fann be liable for special, incidental, indirect, consequential or punitive damages. Notwithstanding any specification or description in its catalogs, literature or brochures of materials used in the manufacture of its products, Fann reserves the right to substitute other materials without notice. Fann does not warrant in any way equipment, products, and material not manufactured by Fann, and such will be sold only with the warranties, if any, that are given by the manufacturer thereof. Fann will only pass through to Customer the warranty granted to it by the manufacturer of such items.


  For your protection, items being returned must be carefully packed to prevent damage in shipment and insured against possible damage or loss. Fann will not be responsible for damage resulting from careless or insufficient packing. Before returning items for any reason, authorization must be obtained from Fann Instrument Company. When applying for authorization, please include information regarding the reason the items are to be returned.


  HPHT Filter Press, Model 175CT simulates filtration against a permeable formation at high temperatures and pressures. Each 175 ml HPHT Filter Press consists of the following components and operating supplies: Stainless steel cell with CellTell?Positive Pressure Indicator Aluminum heating jacket Pressurization System (Nitrogen or CO2 ) Back Pressure Receiver, 15 ml Graduated cylinder


  Measuring filtration and cake-building properties is fundamental to treatment and control of drilling fluids. Studying filtrate characteristics, oil, water, or emulsion content, is also essential. For a drilling fluid, the quantity, type and size of solid particles, emulsified water, and properties of the liquid phase affect the filtration characteristics. Temperature and pressure may influence the interactions of these various components. Therefore, filtration tests are often performed at ambient and high temperatures, providing data for comparison.


  Wide range of customizing configurations for your specific needs HPHT safety features that help protect from hazards Heavy-duty components and materials that withstand HPHT conditions Pilot light on heating jacket that signals when temperature reaches thermostat setting Single or double opening cells that accept various filter media choices, such as API standard filter paper, ceramic discs of various porosities, and screens of various mesh sizes Choice of 115 volt AC or 230 volt AC heating jacket Pressurization alternatives, such as CO2 cartridges, nitrogen, or in-house source.

  广泛的定制配置您的特定需求采用HPHT安全特性,帮助防止危害重型组件和材料采用HPHT承受条件指示灯在加热套信号当温度达到恒温器设置单引号或细胞接受各种过滤介质的选择,比如API标准滤纸,各种疏的陶瓷光盘,和各种网孔尺寸的屏幕,可选择115伏交流电或230伏交流电加热夹套加压替代方案,如二氧化碳管、氮气或内部源美国Fann 209570 HPHT压滤机配件500ml高温高压失水仪样品杯
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